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Makita | MAK/CL183DW | G Series Cordless Cleaner (18V Li-ion)


The Makita CL183DW 18 V Li-Ion 1.3 Ah, 22 m bar vacuum cleaner is used to vacuum and remove dry dust. It is intended for both domestic and commercial use. 1 Battery (1.5Ah) + 1 Charger + Tool are included.

481.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/DCL180Z | LXT Cordless Cleaner (18v Li-ion)


Models DCL180 are handy cordless cleaners of cloth filtration type powered by Makita Li-ion battery. Battery & Charger are sold separately.

258.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/ELM3320 | Electric Lawn Mower 330mm (13")


Electric Lawn Mower 1200W 240V. Recommended for lawns up to 400m² Single lever cutting height adjustment.

705.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/UC4041A | Electric Chainsaw 400mm


Like all Makita chainsaws chosen by both DIY enthusiasts and tradesmen for their combination of power, comprehensive safety features and largely maintenance-free construction. This model is an improved version of the UC4020A and the oil pump and tool less tension adjustment have been improved and the exterior design has been changed.

660.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/UC4551A | Electric Chainsaw 450mm


Corded Electric Chainsaw with longitudinal motor for better maneuverability and tool-less saw chain/ tension adjustment.

1,125.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/VC3210LX1110V | Vacuum Cleaner (Wet and Dry)


The Makita VC3210LX1 is an L-class Wet / dry vacuum cleaner suitable for heavier commercial use, for example with tools, industry and in workshops. With a capacity of 32 liters and water capacity of 27L, an output of 1100 watts and a vacuum of 220 mbar, the VC3210LX1 offers the best cleaning results.

2,185.00 (QAR)