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Makita | MAK/A-193101-2 | 2 2.5Ah 14.4V Power Tool Battery


The 193101-2 from Makita is a 14.4 V battery suitable for Makita 14.4 V power tools. This battery is compatible with both Ni-Cad and Ni-MH chargers.

527.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/A-194873-2 | 36V Lithium‑Ion 2.6Ah Battery For BL3626


The Makita 36V Lithium-Ion battery reaches a full charge in 30 minutes, so it spends more time working and less time on the charger. Makita Lithium-Ion battery also provides longer run time so you can get more work finished on a single charge. Makita batt

1,545.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/A-195444-8 | Li-ion Battery 14.4V 3.0 Ah for BL 1430


Makita MAK/A-195444-8 Li-ion Battery 14.4V 3.0 Ah for BL 1430.

480.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/A-196374-6 | Li-Ion battery 14.4 V 1.3 Ah BL1413G for DF347D


Li-ion Battery 14.4 V/1.3 Ah Makita BL1413G Li-ion battery 14.4 V 1.3 Ah Makita BL1413G For impressions Special, but only compatible with machines references DF347D.

181.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/A-197280-8 | Li-Ion battery 8V 5Ah BL1850


The BL1850B 5.0 Ah Li-ion Battery has LED battery fuel gauge indicator, works with current Li-ion chargers and has a 45 minute charge time. It is lightweight, weighing no more than a 3.0 Ah Li-ion battery, has a longer run time and battery life.

592.00 (QAR)

Makita | MAK/A-197406-2 | 12V Max 4.0 Ah Li-ion CXT Battery For BL1041B


The 197406-2 (BL1041B) Li-ion battery can be used in both Makita 10.8V or 12V CXT cordless tool range. The 197406-2 is equipped with a 4 stage LED battery fuel gauge, battery protection circuit and low temperature performance.

306.00 (QAR)
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