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Products tagged with 'buildings and structures'

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Paint | Binder Matte 1 Litre for Auto


2K Matting agent (P565-554) gives the smooth matt finish on plastic parts used by some motor manufacturers. It may be used in both 2K P420 -line Topcoats and 2K Clearcoat. Product Code: P565-554

116.00 (QAR)

Paint | Clear HS 1 Litre for Auto


P190-6850 is a high quality HS 2-Pack acrylic clearcoat. Suitable for all types of repair, it offers a hard and durable finish enabling early handling of the repair after drying. It is designed to be used over 2K Basecoat and Aquabase Plus Waterborne Basecoat Product Code: P190-6850

101.00 (QAR)

Paint | Clear Matte 1 Litre for Auto


Developed so they can be blended together to achieve any level of gloss these new clearcoats provide an innovative and flexible system, adaptable to local conditions and variations over the vehicle. They confirm NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand’s ability to remain at the forefront in developing innovative products to meet the changing needs of the Bodyshop Product Code: P190 - 1062

198.00 (QAR)

Paint | MS Clear 1 Litre for Auto


P190-598 is a versatile high quality medium solid (MS) 2-Pack acrylic clearcoat, which can be used over Nexa Autocolor 2K basecoats. Product Code: P190-598

99.50 (QAR)

Paint | Primer 5 Litre for Auto


These rapid drying cellulose primer fillers may be used under Belco or 2K ® Basecoats or Topcoats to give excellent final appearance. They have good build and scratch filling properties and can be used for both spot and panel repairs. Product Code: P084-700

216.00 (QAR)

Paint | Primer Expoxy 1 Litre for Auto


P565-2834 2K Epoxy Primer is a versatile Surfacer giving excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Ideally it is used as a Wet-on-Wet or Non-Sand Surfacer. It is also an excellent sealer for use over TPA finishes. Product Code: P565-2834

118.00 (QAR)