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Beton Trowel | Plate Compactor | Plate Size 525*500 - 110 KG | BTPC110Y


With YANMAR L48 DIESEL, Weight: 110 Kg, Plate Size: 525 x 500 mm.

8,800.00 (QAR) 7,700.00 (QAR)

Beton Trowel | 1200mm Big Blue Blade c/w pitch control and 3 handles


The big blue finisher is made from highly flexible carbon steel and is an effective concrete sealer leaving the surface very smooth. in many applications it could be used instead of resorting to a power float finish. Complete with pitch control head & 3x 1,8M extension handles.

1,290.00 (QAR) 999.00 (QAR)

Beton Trowel | 1200mm Roller Tamp c/w BT12-267 and 3 Handles


1,290.00 (QAR) 999.00 (QAR)

Beton Trowel | 900mm Roller Tamp c/w BT12-267 and Handles


1,030.00 (QAR) 890.00 (QAR)

Beton Trowel | Metal Broom With wire tines 3/4" spacing 600mm


332.00 (QAR) 295.00 (QAR)

Beton Trowel BTFC200/18/2 High Frequency Concrete Vibrators - 3 phase 1.8 KVA


Frequency convertors are the safe way to use high frequency vibrators and they reduce incoming 3 phase or single phase power at the vibrator head to 42V/200HZ.

5,350.00 (QAR) 4,100.00 (QAR)