IMER Group is an Italian company founded in 1962, European leading manufacturer of construction machinery and equipment.
For over 50 years our mission is to provide the building site professionals with the highest quality products, reducing physical effort and achieving higher performances.
Nehmeh is proud to partner with IMER.

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IMER H110 VRS Wood Cutter 1Ph-230V-50Hz-2.5kW-WB-WT

The IMER Wood sawing machine H 110 VR single-phase motor is suitable for the many cutting functions of carpentry in wood that is normally carried out on a construction site. In this model the cutting height is adjustable.
2,950.00 (QAR)

IMER Syntesi 140 Concrete Mixer 1Ph-230V-50Hz-0.3kW-2W

IMER Syntesi 140 Concrete Mixer 1Ph-230V-50Hz-0.3kW-2W Made in Italy
2,400.00 (QAR)

IMER Syntesi 350 Concrete Mixer 1Ph-230V-50Hz-1.4kW-2W

IMER Syntesi 350 Concrete Mixer 1Ph-230V-50Hz-1.4kW-2W Made in Italy
5,000.00 (QAR)

IMER Syntesi 350 FDY Conrete Mixer Yanmar Diesel-L48-3.5kW-4W

- Concrete mixers with electric motor or diesel / gasoline engine and 4 pneumatic wheels. Power 350 L - Syntesi concrete mixer: designed and built to solve the typical problems of traditional concrete mixers. The transmission system inserted in the arm and the convenient worm screw tilting system make it noiseless and lightweight, and at the same time sturdy and reliable.
10,250.00 (QAR)

Masonry Saw 750- 3Phase motor 350V-50Hz kW 5,5 (5 pole plug)

Water-cooled saw for large-sized slabs. Blade Ø 750 mm. For cutting large materials like structural stone blocks, cement blocks and stone facing.
10,350.00 (QAR)

IMER Masonry 600 - Tile, Masonry and Slab Saw

Water-cooled saw for slabs. Blade Ø 600 mm. For cutting concrete blocks, stone materials, bricks, stones, roof tiles.
7,900.00 (QAR)