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Nexa Autocolor

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Hardener | Fast 1 Litre for Auto


Nexa Autocolor 2K HS Hardener / Activator - Fast P210-842.

111.00 (QAR)

Hardener | Extra Slow 1 Litre for Auto


P210-847 Hardener Extra Slow 1 Litre for Auto.

103.00 (QAR)

Hardener | Epoxy 1 Litre for Auto


P275-2835 Hardener Epoxy 1 Litre for Auto.

86.00 (QAR)

Universal Stopper |2 KG for Auto


P551-1052 is a high performance universal stopper, which may be used under any Nexa Autocolor undercoat or Fine Stopper. It has a smooth creamy application and is formulated to provide excellent adhesion to a wide variety of metal substrates, including zinc-galvanised. Product Code: P551-1052

97.00 (QAR)

Paint | Binder Matte 1 Litre for Auto


2K Matting agent (P565-554) gives the smooth matt finish on plastic parts used by some motor manufacturers. It may be used in both 2K P420 -line Topcoats and 2K Clearcoat. Product Code: P565-554

113.00 (QAR)

Paint | Primer Plastic 1 Litre for Auto


P572-2001 1K Adhesion Promoter for Plastics is a fast, transparent 1 pack primer suitable for use on the vast majority of paintable plastic substrates and avoids the need to identify the plastic prior to spraying. Product Code: P572-2001

107.00 (QAR)